The Best and Worst Materials For Dog Runs

Like many dog owners, you may be interested in building a fenced in dog run for your dogs. Choosing a turf surface for the run is an important feature to consider. Below we will cover our favorite and least favorite surfaces for dog runs.

Small pebbles – small pebbles are surprisingly easy to scoop of and makes the piles easy to spot.

Small wood chips – like small pebbles, tiny shredded wood chips are easy to scoop of if and easy to spot piles. Be ware that in cold environments with sun freezing temps, poop can become frozen solid to the wood chips.

Grass – grass is relatively easy to scoop of off and will kee flies to a minimum as natural predators such as spiders live there.

Below average
Turf – turf can be hard to clean and to truly clean properly requires hosing down regularly to remove residue.

Below average
Medium size stone- medium size stone such as blue stone can be difficult to scoop off of and makes the bag heavy.

Large chunk wood chips – large wood chips are cumbersome and hard to scoop of off, many wood chips get picked up along with the piles.

Large stone – large stone such as river rock can be extremely hard to scoop off of, if not impossible.